Top 10 Job Interview Questions and Answers Commonly Asked

To get a job nowadays is not easy task and everyone has to face formal interview with the company. There is always uncertainity in mind that what questions will be asked in the job interview and how correctively answered. To get out of crowd to prove yourself is most important to get the job. Most of the chance to get the job that how applicant answered him. Answering the question with confidence and respectfully enhance the chances of getting selected. Before going to interview, it is important to first prepare yourself. Like research about the company and recent activities, what question could be asked and prepare document for presentation. Like we say research about the company means company statistics, current affairs and recent events can really helpful and enhance your confidence. Also there are many online sites which have sample question and answers being asked and some of them we will discuss here.

1.) Introduce Yourself

The first question will be asked in the interview is to introduce yourself. It is the first impression on your overall interview which impact on your introduction. This is the common asked in job interview in which actually interviewer try to find out your credentials meeting the requirement of the job offered. Just answer the question and introduce yourself is not enough you have to reply with confidence and proper eye contact with interviewer. Explain your current job, previous employer qualification and achievements and hobbies. Tell about your experience with past employer and your future goals and achievements. Interviewer wants to see your confidence and your capability of handling your past position and achievements.

2.) What You Know About The Job Vacancy?

Most probably the interviewer asked this question that how you come accross this job vacancy in our company. May be he want to know the source from where you find the information about job vacancy like refer from friend or job online based or through consultant. Just inform where get the job details and also explain your interest in applying the job like good company or good environment to work in your company and other important points that you know while research about the company. Giving one line answer is not enough to judge your capability. Be talkative and always explain your answer in brief.

3.) What Do You Know About Company?

Here this question is very important. The interviewer wants to know about your interest in the company. You have to give the answer in a very precise manner about the growth of the company and future goals. To understand this you have to research about the company prior to giving the job interview. Its very easy but most important part of the interview. There are many sources you can find the information about the company and its growth and planning to the future. By having this knowledge you are showing interviews about your keen interest in the company growth. You have to explain the mission of the company and your values for the company for its growth and achievements.

4.) What Is Unique Quality You Have?

This is the most common question interviewer asked in the job interview. Other way of asking is why we hire you. Interviewer wants to know that what benefit you bring to the company after hiring like in sales, company growth, procession and brand improvement. The question sometimes different to answer but its very easy if you study the company and your job role in the company prior to the interviewer. A keen view is very important to the job opportunity. Tell how you can handle your position and go beyond the responsibilities in improving the brand and sales of the company. Tell the interviewer how you helped the previous company to achieve its goal by implementing your ideas and immerse effort towards your job responsibilities. Tell your unique skills and suggestions for the benefit of the company.

5.) Tell About Your Strength And Weakness

Interviewer always ask this question. Actually he wants to know about where can your rise and fall in extreme conditions. He wants to know that where you perform well and where not. Strength are easy to count but weakness is difficult to mention. Always count your problem solving quality and team work and helping team in extreme situation. Talk about related to the work and your capability to do the work in smoothly manner and handling situations. Interviewer always wants to know your weakness. Weakness is difficult to mention if someone has except same health issue. Need to speak clearly or tell about some weak skills and mention that you are working on it.

6.) Why You Are Interested In Our Company?

Interviewer will ask this question about your interest to join the company. He wants to know that why you apply this position whether you working or not. Give positive answer like better opportunity or performance review. Never give bad feedback of your last employer or discomfort that you feel in the last company. Give positive reply like better opportunity and career growth. Show your future plan that what you want to be yourself after one year or five years. Talk about your career goals and how this company help you to grow in your career. Stay calm and don’t give negative review about your previous company rather talk about your goal and career growth.

7.) How Much Your Salary Expectation?

This is the question commonly asked when interviewer seems to negotiate on salary or find something in you to hire. Just review the range of package that company paying for the position. There are two reason that everyone wants to change the job one is better position and other is better  salary. So, just look out in the internet for the right range or ask the interviewer about the pay scale that her company paying for this position. If it is not reasonable or low, you can negotiate by showing your experience and qualification or choose the right scale that suits you. By asking salary scale will able to determine the right package suitable for you.

8.) How You Deal Situation Under Pressure Or Extreme Situation?

The employer may ask this question to know your strength in dealing the situation. They want to know about your skills and intelligence working under extreme condition. To reply this question you have to provide a story of your last experience. Say that you have handle this kind of situation before and you have learnt a lot from it by workinig under the situation. For example, once there was a function in my previous company and things were not working well as we all of us planned. So I was little nervous but collected my strength and came with alternative solution and then the function goes very well. Everybody appreciate my work and intelligence. My approach to handle the situation is distinct and unique. Sharing any story that happen while working in previous company will impress the employer in your skills.

9.) Why There Is Some Gap In Your Working Experience?

Any gap year in your working need to briefly explain to the employer. It does not mean that you have not find the job or you were terminated. This question must be reply in positive manner. Tell the interviewer that you were involved in preparation some exams or having some household  work or explaing the reason of unemployed during this period. Interviewer wants to hear the story behind your gap year. Will it mean your job skill, yes but a little, he just want to know any fall in your career or not. So to deal this question, explain the correct reason or inform him that you were preparing some examination if there was anything related. Always be prepare yourself before job interviews and practise all possible answers.

10.) How Do You Like To Work In A Team Or Independent?

You have to reply this question by showing them the benefit of working independently or in a team. Suppose most of the work can be done by working in a team. And some work need special attention and responsibility. Some roles require your own attention. Your answer would be flexible and in direct approach that you enjoy in both situation. But say that you enjoy to work on job that needs your special attention. Describe your capability and sincereness towards your work and responsibility that you take care also. But the same time you welcome your team mates to come up with new ideas to get job done in better way. You always want give credit to team by doing the job in correct way.

Conclusion : Job interview questions are not hard if you prepare yourself by research on it. How you perform with confidence that is matter. Interviewer trying to understand your thinking and sincereity about the job offer. There are other questions also available online but the most important thing to remember is how you present yourself to the employer with your skill and approach to fulfill the job requirement.

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