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We are looking for a candidate who can be the one point of contact to the client.

We are hiring EXPERIENCED Web Consultant (Business Developer) for International process for our inhouse project

We are looking for Web consultants (Business Developer ) who will be one point of contact to the client, one who can perform varying job duties based on the websites their designing, the size of their client base, candidate who can work for a full-time, permanent employee. The core duties of a web consultants are the following:

Web consultants should have knowledge of websites etc.

Should be able to create and implement SEO strategies to boost web traffic.

Web consultants should be able to understand their client interview the clients to learn more about their online needs and find out what they want from their website.

Web consultants should be able to maintain existing websites and web pages, and update web portals as needed.

Web consultants should be able to monitor and analyze web traffic to see where pages are succeeding and where they are not, making adjustments as necessary.

web consultants deliver a product to various clients, which means they need strong customer service skills and can communicate in English.

NB: Please send us your resume to We will call you once we receive your resume Or call us at 8583067471

Address: 55B Mirza Ghalib Street

Saberwal House

Park Street


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