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Ward Boy Duties /Responsibilities

A ward boy duties and responsibilities involves maintaining the cleanliness of the patient’s room in a hospital or clinic. He also needs to oversee all the facilities that is needed by the patient is available in the room. Apart from that some of the other responsibilities of a ward boy involves the following;

  • Assisting a patient get to the toilet,
  • Helping the patient bathe and dress up.
  • Transporting the patient
  • Assisting the patient in and out of the bed
  • Changing linen and sheets
  • Assisting in daily life activities like serving meals to the patient and feeding them if required
  • Assisting the patient in his exercises or walks as advised by the doctor.

A Ward boy should be a good communicator and should deal with the patients calmly and with patience. He should also be amiable and be approachable by a patient. A ward boy should provide care keeping in mind the dignity of a patient receiving care. An ayah should also never be rude to a patient and be friendly towards the patient. These few things constitutes some of the core values of ward boy services, and anyone looking for Ward boy services in Pune or anywhere should make sure that the ward boy does possess these values.

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