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Opening for Travel Consultant
Job Location: Bangalore
Experience: Fresher’s
Qualification: Degree in Tourism preferred
Note: Candidate must be knowing both Kannada and English to apply to this role, Candidates from Bangalore or Karnataka only.
Travel Consultant Responsibilities:
• Responding to inquiries about our company’s services and offerings.
• Determining each client’s requirements, including destinations, length of stay, and transit time.
• Ensuring that clients pay the deposit before you commence with bookings.
• Informing clients about the cancellation policy, including salient dates and all penalties.
• Ascertaining and adhering to the available budget.
• Selecting the most appropriate transport based on the available finances, requisite departure and arrival times, and preferred duration of transit.
• Securing accommodation that is best suited to the budget and location of choice.
• Planning excursions based on each client’s needs and interests.
• Accounting for mobility and medical needs during each phase of the trip planning process.
• Computer literate, with exceptional desktop research and professional writing skills.
• Top-notch interpersonal skills, including communication, respect, and empathy.
• Ability to source the best quotes.
• A knack for delivering multiple outputs within tight turnaround times, as needed.
• Capacity to deliver commendable services that surpass clients’ expectations.

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