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The Telecaller for Banking and Finance is responsible for assisting consumers or clients with financial purchases. One of the most important responsibilities of a Telecaller is to provide excellent customer service. The chief role of a Telecaller is to provide assistance and solutions to the customer regarding financial products.

Responsibilities of Telecaller for Banking and Finance:

1. The major function of a Telecaller is to take customer or client calls and offer financial answers to their difficulties.

2. He or she must show that they are eager to gain new talents.

3. You must speak with your supervisor or team leader to resolve any financial difficulties.

4. The telecaller should be solely responsible for finding a solution.

Key skills:

1. Fluent in English and Hindi

2. Effective communication abilities

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The Phone Banking Office is responsible for resolving customer problems over the phone on a regular basis, resulting in better customer service.

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CALL 7409166126 OR MAIL RESUME –


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