Job Detail

Key Roles/Responsibilities
● Manage projects with top-down oversight throughout entire execution to ensure
success as defined by adherence to standards of scope, budget, and timeline.
● Develop comprehensive project plans that merge customer requirements with
company goals and coordinate various managers and technical personnel during all
project phases, from initial development through implementation.
● Monitor project progress continuously and make detailed scheduled reports on
measurable items, such as milestones and deliverables.
● Communicate proactively with all involved personnel to provide encouragement,
identify problems, create solutions, and implement efficiency improvements.
● Analyze economics of project plans and provide actionable feedback relating to cost
benefit and return-on-investment standards.
● Review proposed modifications on project plans, including meeting with interested
parties to approve and implement beneficial changes


● Oversee acquisition of resources and materials as needed before and during
projects by talking with customers, team members, managers, and in-house
● Anticipate details of future projects by communicating directly with customers and
staying informed of relevant trends and industry news.
● Strong verbal and written communication skills required. This position will require
frequent interaction with our US/EU customer base.
● Self-Starter and fast learner – Candidate will be exposed to new industries/business
practices and should be able to excel in a collaborated but fast paced environment

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