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The ideal candidate will have an ability to manage the daily operations of the retail store and complete tasks related to inventory tracking, marketing and customer service. They should be a confident salesperson and be able to share their best practices in order to on-board new employees. This candidate should also possess strong leadership skills and be able to assign duties to relevant employees in order to maintain the function of the store.
• Deliver excellent service to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.
• Manage daily operations of business and ensure sales goals are met
• Direct employees in daily operations such as serving customers, inventory taking, reconciling cash and managing in store marketing
• Assigns duties to relevant employees
• Track and manage inventory at store
• Respond to customer complaints and concerns in a professional manner.
• Undertake store administration duties such as managing store budgets and updating financial records.
• Develop and arrange promotional material and in-store displays.
• Maintaining High standards in the job role.

• 2 – 3 years of retail and retail management experience Demonstrated ability to train employees and be an effective salesperson.
• Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/Fashion or relevant field preferred.
• Strong customer service, management and communication skills.
• Spoken English, Hindi, Telugu is preferred.

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