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An Accountant is responsible for managing and reporting financial information for an organization. Whilst an Accountant may perform all the tasks encompassed in an accountancy role in smaller companies, different accountants are generally responsible for different accountancy areas in larger companies. This can include financial accounting and management accounting.

Job Requirements

  1. Handling Sales, Purchases, TDS, TCS, GST Returns, Income Tax Returns, Balance Sheets, etc.
  2. Examining bank statements and reconciling them with general ledger entries.
  3. Examining expenses submitted by employees, and other expenses to be maintained on a daily basis, voucher, entry, etc.
  4. Keeping an eye on incoming payments from accounts receivable and outgoing payments from accounts payable on a daily basis.
  5. Creating company financial reports with the above information included.
  6. Analyzing data collected in order to determine the state of the company’s financial health.
  7. Analyzing data to understand where the company is generating and losing revenue.
  8. Generating financial reports that display the company’s profits, equity, and cash flow.
  9. Coordinates with the suppliers and customers for supplies.


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Corp Mediteche Private Limited (Formerly Known as Corp Meditech), an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company was founded in the year 2003 in the state of Delhi to provide high-quality medical products to hospitals and other healthcare institutions. Corp Mediteche Private Limited has established itself in the field of the distribution of medical products specializing in blood bank items and setting up major departments at hospitals and medical colleges. Besides this, we are regularly carrying the distribution of various product ranges such as surgical, anesthetic Consumables & non-consumables, Drugs and medicines, Diagnostic, lab, and pharmaceutical products, etc.

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