Job Detail

Job Description

This is a WORK FROM HOME job. The applicant has to understand the products on and bring orders. A part (10%-25%, depending on the products) of the net profit will be awarded to them. This is a contract based job. They can use word of mouth, social media, door-to-door, other agents, home decorators, event managers, etc means. Any other means will be acceptable considering they are discussed with the marketing department prior to trying.

KINDLY CONTACT for submitting applications.

Job Requirements
  1. Good communication skills
  2. Good convincing skills
  3. Good language control
  4. Good work discipline
  5. Clean work
  • Quick promotion
  • Increment in commission
  • Permanent position
How To Apply

KINDLY CONTACT for submitting applications. You may also call on +91-9512698931 or send us a message on our Facebook page PatramFiligrree.

About Company

We at PatramFiligrree produce paper-based, 100% customizable products. With increasing environmental awareness, this is a new initiative for a turn in the recent trends of jewelry and gifting. From earrings to envelopes and from gift boxes to anything your mind can think of, we can create for you.

  • All our products are handmade which gives each product leaving the studio a unique signature.
  • PatramFiligrree aims to bring elegance to your gifting style.
  • We add new products every week so don’t forget to come back to us frequently and amaze yourselves.
  • From raw materials to production, everything is made in India
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