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  • Apply your knowledge set to fetch data from multiple online web sources, cleanse it and build APIs on top of it.
  • Work with NoSQL databases (MongoDB) to store raw/document-based data.
  • Develop a deep understanding of our vast data sources on the web and know exactly how, when, and which data to scrape, parse and store.
  • Develop frameworks for automating and maintaining a constant flow of data from multiple sources.
  • Work independently with little supervision to research and test innovative solutions

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About Company

Being Phenomenal Begins at Draup!

Draup welcomes innovators and young enthusiasts to think, ideate, and implement by joining hands with our team of experts with the spirit of championing the AI arena. We are at the forefront of transforming enterprise decision-making for tomorrow’s business.

Why work with us

Draup is an enterprise decision-making platform for global CXO leaders in sales and talent domains. At Draup, you get the opportunity to work with cutting-edge ML models and be at the forefront of pioneering AI applications in the Sales & Talent domain. You own “It.” By “It,” we mean the company. Draup Inc is proudly an employee-owned startup. We believe that for innovation to thrive, there must be no barriers between stakeholders, and we do our best to imbibe and act on this principle in everything we do. Our open-door policy encourages the free flow of ideas and nurtures a sense of ownership and a collaborative work spirit.

A startup that is immune to “Burn Out.” Yes, we value efficiency, drive, and focus. But above all, we take special care to ensure that you don’t have an “episode.” Our generous medical benefits and ask-no-questions leave policy to give you the peace of mind to unwind when you need to the most.
Never worry about “What Next?”

Our comprehensive career path lets you explore your preferred target position and even maps out
pathways to get there while balancing your existing priorities. A startup ecosystem that values work and culture. Like all startups, we, too, are a fast-paced culture that values creativity and communication. But we also realize that you have a life outside of work, and you miss it every time you’re at work. We encourage our employees to follow their passions and provide annual platforms where they can showcase their talents.

Where your “can-do spirit” meets with opportunity

Started by two entrepreneurs, Vijay Swaminathan & Vamsee Tirukkala, the entrepreneurial mindset flows deep in every project we undertake. Employees are actively encouraged to tap into new revenue streams and explore every opportunity to improve the platform and deliver clients with an aweinspiring effect every time they use our platform.

Draup embraces India’s diversity

Our centers in Tier 1, 2 and 3 locations at Bangalore, Coimbatore & Nemili spanning diverse skill sets are a testament to our belief that talent is not restricted to any particular geography. We are willing to invest heavily in talent ecosystems that traditional hiring teams shy away from, and our results speak for themselves. Over 70% of Draup’s team leaders from Coimbatore & Nemili are women, a phenomenon unheard of in the startup ecosystem.

With gender & skills diversity as our guiding principles, we are committed to building a truly diverse talent representation in our organization.

Everyone plays a part

Like a well-oiled machine, Draup’s various in-house teams – research, marketing, consulting, analytics, technology, psychology, data science and others — come together to deliver a seamless platform experience that has caught the fancy of Fortune 100 enterprises.

We also provide industry-leading compensation packages and on-the-house food/snacks. It doesn’t get any more cutting-edge than this. The platform combines machine learning with human curation to help organizations make data-driven strategic decisions. We leverage insights from machine-generated models augmented by a team of analysts. These analysts combine their training in handling huge datasets with their expertise in modern computing paradigms to add their learning-based insights to provide a 360-degree view of the sales and talent ecosystem.

DRAUP was conceptualized in 2017 and is the brainchild of Zinnov co-founders Vijay Swaminathan and Vamsee Tirukkala. Read more about our leadership team here.Company Introduction & Information.

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