Job Detail


State Registered Nurse Midwife with graduation (GNM/BSC) from an approved nursing college

Job Description

Assist surgeons in major or minor operations.

  1. Provide nursing care for patients undergoing surgery.
  2. Assist surgeons in major or minor operations.
  3. Maintain standards of nursing care in pre-operative and post-operative planning, implementation and patient care.
  4. Adheres to surgical safety checklist and safe surgical practices
  5. Follow procedure prospectus for all surgeries
  6. Prepare the operating room for all emergency and scheduled procedures according to the surgeon.
  7. Keep principles of aseptic techniques in performing surgical scrub, setting instruments, gowning, gloving as needed for the procedure.
  8. Assist as a circulatory or scrub nurse.
  9. Monitor and report all vital signs of patient.
  10. Administer oxygen therapy and suctions of secretions if required for post-operative patients in the recovery room
  11. Report any untoward reactions of patient to the surgeon or anesthesiologist.
  12. Carry out all the doctors’ order and directions.
  13. Give all psychological support to the patient and family.
  14. Delay and lond procedures status updating to the family.
  15. Liaison with technician for up keep of equipment’s.
  16. Be responsible for instrument sterilization and maintenance.
  17. Patient receiving and handing over protocols to be adhered.

Checking expiry items once in a week.

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