Job Detail

Job Description

Collect donations and run Residential HSF Branch Office.

Job Requirements

  1. The Manager will collect donation for aim of HSF.
  2. The 50% amount manager will keep to use in various projects of HSF.
  3. The Manager will lead the mission of HSF.
  4. The manager will identify the area where HSF can execute their welfare projects.


  • The manager will get 50% of their collection for their authority to use.
  • On successful collection track records they will be appointed as General Managers on regular salary basis.
  • HSF will award good amount on every successful project.

How To Apply

Managers to send their CV on E Mail ID of HSF – . They can also send to founder director at ID –, the alternate ID of Director – Employment is –

About Company

Help Sensors Foundation is a registered NGO under companies act as section 8 company. The detailed informations are available on HSF website –

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