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1.1 Job Summary:

Sangam Manager (SM) acts as interface between field/member and SKS as a whole. SM coordinates all the activities at the village level, which includes survey of the villages, projection meeting, formation of groups, conducting Compulsory Group Training (CGT) and center meetings for issue of loans, loan verification/utilization checks, loan repayments, regular attendance of Sangam members and any other village based activities.

SM is responsible to carry out Cross-Sell related activity with quality and customer satisfaction in mind. SM is the business driver as he/she acquires members and provides service to members as per the quality of the organization. This person is also responsible for the training of Sangam Manager Trainee assigned to him.

1.2 Job Responsibilities:

Member service management

  1. a) Growth and productivity: SM brings growth and productivity to SKS by adding clients, adding groups, adding centers, meeting business targets, maintaining portfolio quality and controlling delinquency. She/he is responsible for identifying villages, conducting village surveys (when BM consents to the same), conducting projection meetings, group formation, center meetings, cross sales, providing services to SKS members.
  2. b) Process Management: SM needs to ensure adherence to policies and processes, correcting procedural flaws; proper documentation; he/she is responsible for compliance with internal audit recommendations for the assigned centers and related documents.
  3. c) Cash Management: Taking cash safely to the field and disbursing as per process, collecting repayments from field and taking it back to the office. Tallying the cash and properly handing over to the Cashier at the Branch office. As per need, the SM should go to the bank for deposit and withdrawal.
  4. d) Portfolio Quality: Service quality of SM is set to be high to ensure that the delinquency level is nil, he/she should ensures 100% repayments in all the centers, good center discipline and 100% attendance level that meets SKS standards. She/he is responsible for Loan Utilization Checks as per the SKS standard.
  5. e) Compliance:
  6. Disbursement to a member should be done only as per the eligibility report from Credit bureau.
  7. All documents (KYC) must be attached to the loan application
  8. If the member’s household income is more than the prescribed norms (Rs.60,000 for a member from Rural Area and Rs.1,20,000/- for a member from Urban or Semi Urban area), has loans from more than 2 MFIs or her total indebtedness is Rs.46,000 or more (including the loan to be disbursed), further loans should be discontinued.
  9. The loan application must be complete in all aspects
  10. If any SM gives any adverse report of a member’s repayment or indebtedness, loans should not be disbursed
  11. LUC must be completed for 100% of the loans disbursed
  12. Disbursement must be done as per the ticket size policy
  13. f) Other tasks
  14. She/he should maintain cordial relations with all village level officials, politicians, and others.
  15. She/he is responsible to publicize all the SKS products transparently in the villages on behalf of the organization.
  16. Responsible to train new staff who get allocated to him/her, as a part of the training program.
  17. Responsible for carrying out, diligently, all the responsibilities allocated to him/her by the Branch Manager from time to time.


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