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  • Ensuring all work carried out in relation to electrical equipment and installations in their area of responsibility is adequately supervised — this includes electrical staff, contractors and labour hire manpower.
  • Ensuring electrical equipment or installations in their area of responsibility are installed and tested in accordance with the Safety and Inspection Regulations and maintained in a safe working condition
  • Ensuring electrical installations and equipment are in accordance with norms of Electrical installations
  • In their area of responsibility, stopping the installation or use of any electrical equipment considered to be dangerous, and reporting to the manager any situation that may affect the safe use of electricity
  • Regularly checking that the electrical nominee or electrical contractor has reviewed and inspected uncertified installations, and signed the electrical log book entries
  • Investigating, recording in the electrical log book and reporting to the manager any electrical shock or burn received by a person any fire suspected to be caused by electricity any dangerous occurrence involving electricity that could have caused injury to a person.
  • Ensure an entry is made in the mine record book and electrical log book for all such incidents maintain the electrical log book and record in it all information required regularly liaise with the manager of the mine on the status of all statutory matters within their area of responsibility.
  • Team Handling and lead team to complete work in target time
  • Assist Managers and maintain HSE at project location.
  • Guiding the electrical technicians about the cable, cable tray routing and all electrical systems installations.
  • Supervising and administrating the worker’s timings and work progress.
  • Training the electricians on making use of various electrical tools.
  • Supervising the installation of equipment systems, fire warning devices, and other different safety systems
  • Directing and training his electricians to link the wires to electrical circuit breakers, modifiers or other sections
  • Supervising the box wires to get connected to other instruments and training the electricians on the electrical quality and safety of all the electrical devices and connections
  • Directing the electricians to follow safety methods and precautions while working. For instance, using anti shock hand gloves during the installation and connection of the electrical systems
  • Precautioning the administration about the safety standardized procedures followed by the company
  • Guiding the higher administration about the different electrical dangers it may face due to
  • Observing and supervising the initiation of new electrical instruments and equipment
  • Assisting the electricians to carry on with the initiation of new intricate instruments and equipment negligence.
  • Supervising and directing the design of proper sketches to acquire proper knowledge of the electrical systems and the electrical circuits as a whole


  • What can candidates get from the position?
  • What can candidates get from the position?


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