Job Detail



Responsible for the generating leads and revenue for different products of our brands & clients.
Working with designing and product team to create different creatives and products to launch.

1. Writing Copy for Google/Facebook Ads
2. Creating some graphics for Facebook/Google Ads
3. Generating leads and sales using Facebook/Google Ads
4. Collaborate with marketing teammates to maintain a consistent brand voice and message
across all paid programs.
5. Craft landing pages and lead generation forms for our content to distribute through relevant
paid programs.
6. Working with graphics team to prepare
7. Improve the landing pages for more sales & leads conversions
8. Testing variations of ads to determine best performing
9. Continuous monitoring of results and improving of ads
10. Come up with different initiatives & ideas to generate more leads, and sales.


Job Requirements:
1. Must have experience of 1-3 Years in Google/Facebook Ads.
2. Must know Copy Writing (Persuasive Writing)
3. Good written communication skills
4. Ability to work with the team.

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