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Role description

We look for engineers who are passionate and ready to tackle some of the most meaningful problems in the recruitment space – from building a gamified engagement platform for employees, to designing a next generation candidate experience, to bridging the gap between old and new ways to send out an offer letter You may be involved in creating infrastructure that processes millions of workflow messages from disparate external systems. You could also build an analytics platform to trace and visualize every action taken in the system so our customers can zero in on their best strategies and bottlenecks to solve.

Your code will have millions of eyeballs from 200 countries right from Azerbaijan to Australia and closer to home, you will help hire from Jhumritalaiya to Jammu.

So in this role, you will work on very deep technical systems. Your understanding of system design, scalable architecture, infrastructure will be put to the test.



Tools – kubernetes & google cloud or AWS, CI/CD tools like jenkins.

other skills – linux server admin, basic java, infra security


Skills/Personality traits we really admire

  • Great attitude to ask questions, learn and suggest process improvements.
  • Pays great attention to detail and helps identify edge cases.
  • Gives equal importance to planning, coding, code reviews, documentation, and testing.
  • Highly motivated and coming up with fresh ideas and perspective to help us move towards our goals faster.
  • Good team player, who enjoys mentoring the juniors and getting mentored by the seniors.
  • Follows release cycles and absolute commitment to deadlines.

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