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Delivery Boys & Bike Taxi ride 788 views

Job Detail

Job Description
Delivery Boys & Bike Taxi ride
Job Requirements
“Per day Minimum 10hrs login – 16 orders
Per day the captain gets a fixed payout of 400/- plus 3Rs per km on order drop distances.
The day is divided into three equal shifts of 6hrs each starting from morning 6AM to evening 12AM
A captain has to work one full shift and remaining 4 hours can be split between other shifts to be eligible for the day’s payout.
per day shifts——Hrs——Payout——–Per KM——No of orders
6 hour shift – 200 Rupees (daily payout) – Half Shift
10 hour shift – 400 rupees (daily payout) – Full Shift
12 hours shift – 500 rupees (daily payout)
Weekly incentive :
60 hours logged in/week – 500 rupees (weekly payout)
80 hours logged in/week – 700 rupees (weekly payout)
Petrol Incentive revised to 3 rupees/km :
1 order – average 7km
E.g. 10 hour login – 15 orders, 100 kms, 300 rupees PI/day
Monthly incentive:
20 orders on an average everyday for 25 days – 2000 rupees
Uber Moto
1. Average captain earning: Rs 55 – 60 per ride.
2. Approx 12-15 trips a day given by Rapido (8hrs login). Earning between: 800-1000 Rs a day.
3. Once a Captain completes 3 bike-taxi rides, they also get an option to start doing food, and supermarket based deliveries
4. rapido has tie-up with Zomato and Swiggy for additional earning.
5. Bare minimum a captain usually gets 2 ride orders an hour or 3 in 2 hours depending on the traffic and the captain’s break time.
6. Order distance is not more than 7km
7. Apart from the per ride earning, Rapido also runs weekly incentives, rain peak incentives, top performer bonus in which riders get gifts like helmets, phones, etc.
8. Rapido has microloans available on the app available for captains
FT: Earning potential 22,000-26,000*
PT: Earning potential 10,000-12,000*
FT: 12 hour shift Earning potential 22,000
FT 8 hour shift Earning potential 15,000
PT: 4 hour shift Earning potential 8,000
Weekend shift Earning potential 4,800
How To Apply
How candidate can apply for your job. Shear below documents on or shear on whats up 6356993991 & 7016470263
– Two-wheeler + Permanent Driver’s license
– Android Smartphone
– Pan Card – Bank Detail (Cancel Cheque/ Passbook) – Bike RC (Anyone name’s)
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