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Job Description

Community / Operations Manager

Position Goals & Objectives

As the work wild associate community manager, you must take care of the below:

  • Induce new members into the community by establishing recruiting requirements by studying
    Organization plans and objectives, meeting with managers to discuss needs and develop a pool
    Of qualified candidates beforehand.
  • Understand the existing members’ needs and be a problem-solver who is eager to go the extra
    Mile for entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and freelancers
  • Comes up with various ideas, organize fun social events, introduce happy hours and encourage
    People to participate in those events.
  • Invite influencers and mentors who conduct seminars, talk shows and workshops.
  • Makes sure space has not run out of consumables like coffee or biscuits and make sure the
    Facilities like printers, vending machines, stationary bins etc., are operational.
  • Provide support to young professionals whenever something goes wrong in regards to the cleanliness of work wild spaces, buildings, it infrastructure, back-of-house areas, etc and make
    sure the issue is addressed within 15 minutes. Also, raise a ticket if any of the amenities require maintenance.
  • Receive feedback from members and analyzes where the service could be improved responsible for the coworkers’ integration.
  • Build a healthy ecosystem in which members come together to work, socialize and have fun in an organic way.
  • A go-to person whenever a co-worker requires anything.
  • Develop tailored marketing strategies based on the research and work closely with the team to aim at larger deals.
  • Responsible for branding and putting the co working space on the map
  • Manage work wild waiting list and maintain 90% occupancy
  • Shape the community by rolling out invites and posters about the planned events
  • Commendable email writing skills as you will directly be interacting with the clients.
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