Job Detail

Job Description

​As an Admissions Manager, the Employee is required to perform the following duties and undertake the following responsibilities in a professional manner.
-Convince & Admit a Minimum of 4 students For the 1st Month. Which is Must. After that, there will be no target & you are required to supervise and train 10 counselors.
-Keep a track of fees collected from Students.
-Has to provide effective customer services such as handling complicated customer queries, issues, complaints, and questions.
– Manage inbound and outbound calls in a timely manner.
– Follow communication scripts when handling different topics.
– Build sustainable relationships and engage students by taking the extra mile.
– Keep records of all conversations in our organization’s database in a comprehensive way.
-Convince students to join EIA & train Manpower to do so.
– performing the monthly milestone report and project progress report for the discussion
& other duties as may arise from time to time and as may be assigned to the employee.
Job Requirements
  1. Fluent in Hindi and good English
  2. Good communication skills
  3. Ability to listen and guide students
  • Flexibility in work
  • Work from home
How To Apply

Candidate must share their last updated Resume to The candidate will be hired on the spot after the 1st call given to the candidate based on the feedback.

About Company

Empress IAS Academy is an open-e-Learning Platform, Best Affordable for all. We go beyond the confines of traditional Learning. Counselors at Empress IAS are responsible for the engines of Empress IAS. With their varied backgrounds, our Admissions Manager collaborates with the students to define, implement, and improve our mission, vision & goal. Members of our business development & manager teams are opportunity seekers. They’re always looking toward the horizon, searching for new ways to climb higher.

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