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Job Description

looking for someone who has experience in the field of Fashion Designing and good in CAD / Digital Illustration, i need someone who would work alongside me and be able to showcase the designs on the website. i want someone who is familiar with spec sheet and flat sketches.

As this is a startup brand i am giving chance to the freshers to come up and join this job, we need people who have passion and excitement, someone who don’t shy out on ideas and opinions.

Job Requirements

  1. Degree/ diploma/ certification in CAD
  2. Experience in fashion Feild
  3. portfolio of your work


  • Getting your design featured
  • Experience in Feild of fashion business
  • Opportunity to travel.

How To Apply

You can apply to this job by the given following instructions and details given below:

Instructions: Please share your details, such as-

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Location
  • About you
  • skills and hobbies
  • portfolio ( its a Must)


Phone no. : ask on email


About Company

Our company is called: AVG clothing

it is a startup company created by siblings, this is a india based company.

they are based on trend wears and western wears

rest know us by joining alongside with us!


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