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Job Description

Develop and execute strategy for outreach, hunting, attracting and onboarding deserving and qualified business units including sick units, innovations, early age businesses, manufacturer, govt contractors, traders, service providers
Provide initial stage advisory support to applicant investment seekers
Evaluate applicant’s businesses for short term – long term investment
Manage day- to- day interaction with the applicant investment seekers
Understanding business through due diligence, regular monitoring, close interaction with finance team
Identifying opportunities to invest in business units including sick units, innovations, early age businesses, manufacturer, govt contractors, traders, service providers
Engage and interact with businesses communities through participation in pitch sessions, conferences, seminars, incubators, industrial visits etc
Organize events to engage businesses communities
Report making, responsible for business generation
Able to work within time frame
Able to travel within India

Working in a strategic capacity with existing portfolio companies as needed
Preparing market analyses and presentations to drive investment decisions and for engagement with the firm’s extensive network of corporate relationships

Job Requirements

At least 2 years work experience with Bank, Incubator/VC firm will be an advantage
Excellent interpersonal and networking skills with an ability to develop and maintain effective business relationships.

Reading/reviewing business plans and pitch decks
Assessing market/company attractiveness to help identify compelling businesses
Involvement in all aspects of due diligence on new investments (business analysis, industry thesis, competitive landscape, business/pricing model, and financial modeling / deal structuring)



Salary Range INR 3,00,000 – INR 4,80,000 Per Year
Location South Delhi
Employment Type Full Time, Permanent

How To Apply

Contact Person – Priya – 6266336298

About Company

Inventivepreneur Chamber of commerce & Industries


Cross border business exchange
Government connects and liaison between both countries
Strategic investment in local businesses
Merger & Acquisition
Up scaling education system
Enabling support system for startups and innovators
Organizing trade and industry specific international exhibitions, seminars, business talks
Exchange information on government announcement and policies
Technology exchange
Assist each other in organizing business delegation and facilitation business interest
Cultural exchange between both countries
Enhancing travel, tourism and hospitality opportunities between both countries
Supporting businesses on entry barriers with government connects and local industry support


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inventivepreneur chamber of commerce & industries

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