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Job Description

Work to support new and existing blockchain networks on our platform. This means dockerizing, YAML templating, and otherwise writing code that facilitates different networks running on our Kubernetes based platform every day
Research complex topics around specific blockchain networks including consensus algorithms, economic models, and node/network topology.
Interact and collaborate with other engineers and team members; we have a highly focused and collaborative team. Our team prioritizes creating a shared understanding of our systems/supported networks, and we are dedicated to supporting each other on a daily basis.
Contribute to blockchain network support discussions. We are looking for a strong technical leader that can help drive and own support for multiple networks.
Participate in the overall blockchain network community. Join third party discussions and become a contributor to the development of new and existing networks.
Build services and infrastructure that help to automate the deployment of blockchain network infrastructure
Incorporate monitoring, alerting, and observability to support blockchain networks that allow us to maintain the highest standards of health, reliability and uptime.
Write integration tests and contribute to maintaining a healthy CI/CD pipeline

Job Requirements

  1. Proficiency in a modern programming language such as Go, Python, or Rust.
  2. While a degree in CS is nice, you don’t need one–or any other kind of degree–to work here. Some of the best people come from non-traditional backgrounds and disciplines, and we’re dedicated to supporting our employees’ education and growth.

How To Apply

Can send resume on or can call on 8849665230.

About Company

We fill gap between strategy and implementation with innovative approaches to idea execution, team-driven support, brand (re)development & effective storytelling, and creative services that bridge concepts into the real world.

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