We offer recruitment process outsourcing in order to help the clients who are in search of outsourcing some or all of their recruitment activities. Thus, managing all the services that we are handed over without fail. While ensuring that the time for recruitment is reduced, we – also – offer a candidate pool which is going to serve as helpful for our clientele.

We bring relief in the entire process and motivate our clients to pay as per the transaction carried out instead of on the basis of the number of staff members. This helps in the client staying away from underutilization of the employees while the employer’s activity is running low. We consult you at all times with regard to the steps we must take in order to take the company forward.

The first and the foremost thing that we believe in is integrating all the relevant material that we lay hands on with regard to a particular candidate. This makes the candidate database easily accessible. Amidst this, we ensure that we manage duplicates so that all the unnecessary information can be done away with, without eliminating the information that is required. Thereafter, we rely upon the use of Application Tracking Systems so that we can reach out to the best of the candidates by means of an approach that gives utmost importance to data. We offer the correct tools at your disposal so that you can communicate all the right candidates, and helpful in order to retain them in the longer run.

We understand that a business has to manage multiple processes. Managing the core competencies of the organization and the job for recruiting and screening candidates alongside it can become a tedious task. Thereby, you can rely upon us in order to assist you in identifying, interviewing and screening the best candidates in accordance with the needs of your business. We assure a service wherein you can gain access to candidates who are hard to find, fit the company’s culture well and meet the qualifications that you deem necessary. All this would be managed by our team of experts who are going to be of help in each vertical of your company.

Payroll administration requires a company to mobilize resources in a time-sensitive and a legally-dutiful manner. Our administration in this regard is going to help the company alleviate the time-consuming efforts with regard to the payroll. We assure that we gather and process the information with regard to new hires, terminations, changes in wages, transfer within departments and deductions. Once this process is accomplished, we carry out the calculations and conduct manual checks and final checks, as per the requirement. Thereby, we help by becoming the point of contact for all payroll inquiries that may occur – so that your organization and administration can serve diligently and seamlessly.

Nothing in this world has so much power to attract people towards your work than the resources you possess. If your services and resources are top-notch, nothing can stop you from thriving astonishingly. Bharat Manpower has the right amount of resources and entities to give you the benefit of your dream job. Being a combination of expert staff and ecstatic services, we believe in enlightening you with the best jobs available. So, believe in our resources as much as you believe in us.


We fixated in providing solutions for clients who are based in India but we are also going to serve as a resourceful option if you are located in a foreign country. For instance, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Middle East and other major countries. We are going to work – day in and day out – in order to provide for the best candidates that exist out there, in accordance with the needs that you list.

With the staff that we have employed under our umbrella – we have come to understand that if we do not get our work reviewed from time to time, we will become stagnant. Thus, we have decided to keep one thing in mind – to take feedback with regard to the work we have delivered in a certain project that we undertook. This helps us excel in the longer run.

In today’s world – where technology has taken over even on the minuscule things – the HR professionals have let go of the traditional resume screening procedure. They, now, rely upon applicant tracking systems – this software helps you find the most suited candidate for the said position. After stumbling upon the best candidates – we would either schedule a phone or a video interview. In this manner, the interviews can be conducted across countries; thus, a wide pool of applicants can be tested. With the list of applicants we have to offer, you can choose the best by employing them in a paid trial project – so that you can figure whether the said person is fit for your organization or not.

Once the client is satisfied with the selection that we have made – after the requisite steps that we have undertaken – we wish the candidate gets to the said destination as soon as possible. Thus, we act as an aid in the completion of the visa process of the candidate. This is going to help paint a better image of the company to the candidates since the company is willing to assist them through the complex procedures that they have to undertake. This is going to enhance the brand image of the company while ensuring that the candidates can fetch the required aid that they have been looking for.

The essence of being trusted by those who use your resources for their benefits is via confidentiality. In intelligent work, there must be limitations as to the amount of information that can be shared with everybody. We realize the importance of confidentially in employment-related matters and also abide by the same. While you use our resources, be sure that the matters and services provided to you will remain between the two of us. So, you can have faith in our job services blindly.

Truly intuitive expertise can only be learned from prolonged experience and a good feedback, especially on the matters where you lag. With the right kind of staff and knowledge in the field, we possess the highly defined information of what’s the most commendable service for you. Our experts will take seconds to find out the right job and employment and will suggest you the same through your account. With us by your side, you don’t have to even worry about multiple searches and such pain.


It is not a mandate for a company to hire a full-time HR team so that HR benefits can be accrued for the company. When you choose us to be our outsource partner, we are going to assign you to a team rich in expertise. Amidst all this, we are going to ensure that the time taken for you to hire reduces so that you don’t face any obstruction in your business processes. We are going to ensure that you accrue optimum benefits from the investments that you make in human capital. Along with this, we ensure that the transparency of the hiring process is maintained in accordance with our work ethic.


Given the expertise that we have garnered, we understand the fact that all the organizations have a simple priority and that is to ensure that the business is in the process without any impediments. Thus, our clients must rest assured that we are going to render quality services – at all points of time – which they cannot avail elsewhere. However, if you begin to face an issue – then you must feel free to contact us at our helpline number. We are available to serve our customers around the clock so that they can attain the solutions that they desire. We make sure that our customer support is the most honest.


Since we are going to ensure that we are constantly engaged and communicating with the candidates as well as the employers, we are certain that we are capable of delivering an exceptional candidate experience. Since we embody experienced recruiters – they make sure that all the doubts facing a candidate are fully addressed immediately. While we keep the conversation going with the candidates, we are able to better assess how fit the candidate is for the said organization. We understand that not all the candidates are going to be hired but we ensure that we render a positive experience.


We are going to make sure that your brand name is not sacrificed. In fact, we are going to work in a manner so that the company’s identity sees an upward trajectory. We are going to leverage the existing brand name in a manner in which the best of the employees are attracted from the vicinity of your location. On the other hand, if you are in your budding phase then we are going to ensure that we carefully craft the identity of your brand. Providing the candidates with attractive reasons to flock to your company. Amidst all this, you must rest assured that your brand name is going to be in the right hands to be channelized.