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Meslova Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Research and Development Organization registered in India with corporate office in New Delhi and development centre in Hyderabad. Established in 2015, Meslova Systems is legally incorporated in the United States and other countries where the company engages with customers and partners to develop, customize and deliver its platforms. Meslova comprises of both experienced and young talent from top universities across the globe. More than 140 employees worldwide work on developing and delivering advanced technologies and products.

Meslova designs, develops and delivers domain specific products and applications using Artificial Intelligence to some of the largest government and enterprise customers worldwide. All of Meslova Products and platforms are designed ground up with highest level of quality.

Meslova takes pride in properly understanding customer pain points and develops its products to address those in the most elegant manner. Our products have demonstrated their ability to improve workforce productivity by many times by autonomously performing some of the most complex knowledge-based tasks that assist end users in efficiently performing their job functions. Whether it is automatically identifying and predicting failure patterns in manufacturing equipment or identifying crop diseases and their progression pattern or accurately predicting leakages in Oil and Gas pipelines or helping teachers automatically identify strengths and weakness of their students, our intelligent platforms are assisting our customers and end users while simultaneously addressing a social or environmental problem with the delivered solution.

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