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    Welcome to India’s first and only recognized online school in partnership with Discovery
    Education…. and the world’s most affordable accredited online school for students from
    Nursery to Grade 8… Welcome to K8 School.
    K8 School is
    NOT a traditional school that is providing online classes because of disruption in normal life
    due to the pandemic.
    NOT an online class
    NOT an online tuition or
    NOT an online coaching.
    K8 School is accredited by Cognia, making it a part of the world’s largest school accreditation
    network with 40,000+ schools of exceptional quality, across 85 countries.
    At K8 School, students can log in on their devices from wherever they are, enter their
    classrooms and start studying with the world’s best online curriculum designed through
    research and interactions with millions of parents and students worldwide.
    A student is part of a designated class but with a maximum teacher to student ratio of 9:1.
    Students get exposure to culturally-divergent peer-groups from all over the country, a host
    of extra-curricular activities, conversations with experts from different industries and
    careers, personal and academic counselling and so much more, thus making learning more
    experiential, engaging, immersive.
    The classroom environment catalyzes learning through lots of videos, activities and project-
    works thus ensuring that students can visually travel through the concepts and
    fundamentals in front of their eyes.
    At K8 School, the student doesn’t follow the curriculum but indeed the curriculum is
    designed to follow the student’s interests so that the student gets time to pursue other
    interests and hobbies as well. Yes you heard that right; at K8 School, every student gets the
    freedom to discover oneself, navigate through the challenges in academics and life, and
    reach where she or he wants to reach, not where others want her or him to.
    K8 School’s learning management system is 100% safe, easy to use and the classroom
    experience does not really require parents to sit with their child all through. At K8 School,
    parents can check anytime, how much time their child has spent on a particular topic, page
    or module and that is why they can monitor their child’s progress closely. K8 School’s
    courses include not just the core subjects, but also physical education, coding, music, dance,
    moral studies and so much more that all parents wants their children to learn and get
    exposed to.
    Students don’t have to join extra classes for other activities because now everything is on
    one platform. Students at K8 School come with aspirations to become astronauts, doctors,
    engineers, sportspersons, musicians, social-media influencers, actors, fashion-stylists and
    what not…and K8 School gives them the canvas to paint their dreams. While the students

    keep their eyes on their individual paths to chase their goals, K8 School gives them the
    platform, time and flexibility to be academically sound and mentally strong.
    And there is no admission fee, development fee, activity fee or any such components that
    traditional schools charge… Parents simply register their children, pay the tuition fees and
    the child is in the classroom.
    K8 School serves all kinds of students, those who are enrolled only at K8 School and those
    who are enrolled in traditional schools but have still enrolled at K8 School. And you know
    what, because K8 School is a recognized accredited school, a student can complete a
    particular grade at K8 School and join the next grade in any traditional school as well.
    So, why burden your child with so many different classes and tuitions along with regular
    school when you can give your child the world’s most unique and complete school
    experience that has everything under one roof, on their device, right in the comfort of your
    home ? Times have changed, and so has the school. Prepare your child for tomorrow, not
    for yesterday…
    Just type K8School.com in your browser, press contact us tab…..

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